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The Original FlagSaver

Crown Manufacturing

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Save money and make your flag last longer by installing the FlagSaver!

The FlagSaver is a deflector that mounts on the flagpole. It is designed to divert some of the wind around the flag to minimize the whipping of the trailing edge that causes fraying. By minimizing the fraying, it extends the life of the flag by up to 3 times. This results in savings by less being spent on replacement flags and less labor replacing the flag.

In addition, by reducing the whipping action of the flag, it also reduces the stress put on the rope and flagpole, helping to minimize costly maintenance repairs.

It is designed to divert some of the wind, but still allows the flag to extend in only a 3-5 mph wind.

The FlagSaver mounts to the flagpole with no additional hardware or labor. It simply mounts using the snap hooks that hold the flag. This allows it to be installed as quickly as installing or replacing the flag itself.

Once installed, it is almost completely invisible.

The FlagSaver is a simple and economical way to save money.

Cities, school districts, and businesses that have multiple flagpoles can see annual savings of many thousands of dollars.

Residential and businesses with only 1-3 flagpoles will also notice a substantial cost savings over the course of a year.

FlagSaver prices are:

3x5 $48.00

4x6 $59.00

5x8 $72.00

Other sizes are available on request. We have made the FlagSaver for 6x10 and 10x15 and are currently working on a 8x12. The larger sizes will be built as ordered and are usually done within 2 weeks. Actual shipping charges will be charged on the 6x10 and larger due to their size.

Priced comparably to a typical all-weather nylon flag, by the time you have to replace your first flag after installing the FlagSaver, you will have saved enough money to have already paid for it.

Prices do not include shipping. We charge only the actual shipping charges plus the price of the box it ships in. Email us at [email protected] for shipping charges to your zip code.

Special: FREE Shipping on 3 or more. Mix and match any size. Sizes 6x10 and larger are not included. If you place a large order, I can work with you on shipping charges. I recently drove an order for 14 FlagSavers 220 miles 1 way for no charge.

Some of our clients include: School districts, Hospitals, Dental Offices, City Governments, County Governments, Kansas Turnpike Authority, Manufacturing companies, small businesses, Homeowners, and the Dept. of Homeland Security/Border Patrol.

 All 3 flagpoles in the picture below have the FlagSaver installed. Their small size and clear construction make them virtually invisible.

Derby, Kansas MemorialPark

This is what the FlagSaver is designed to prevent.

With the FlagSaver installed flying in a light breeze.